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Hi all. I'm building an RV-type van and taking it across the country for an adventure this summer I've been saving up for the last 4 years.I am now doing the propane gas system tank must be inside the vehicle.There aren't many windows or ventilation. In the winter because of the cold it will be most likely completely sealed.While running the cooktop and the tankless water heater (shower) I will be running the roof fan in reverse and cracking windows for carbon monoxide levels. The heater…

How to Recharge Your Car's Air Conditioner: Is the air coming from the vents in your car just not as cold as it used to be? You've likely run low on refrigerant in your A/C system. Over time, tiny amounts of refrigerant leak from the lines, degrading A/C performance. The solution is simple - put more back in.

If the air conditioner in your car has stopped pumping cold air out, you probably have a refrigerant leak somewhere in the system. In this video you will learn how to find the leak in your A/C and fix it, keeping yourself cool and comfortable.

Weather stripping keeps the inside in and the outside out. When these rubber seals go bad, your car will leak heat and air conditioning as well as face assault from wind and rain.

~ONE OF OUR CUSTOMERS VEHICLES BEFORE OUR INSTALLATION...NOT GOOD! SEE HOW LOW THE VEHICLE IS RIDING?~ "How Do I Know If My Air Suspension Is Failing?" Well, the main and most common symptoms of a leaking or failed air suspension a sagging rear end. Other major clues are that your air compressor isn't working or is running way too often. Another pretty common tip off of a problem air suspension is your vehicle's inability to reach or maintain recommended height.

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Spectronics Corp/Tracer Tp8621 Leakfinder Air Conditioner And Fluid Leak Detection Kit, 2015 Amazon Top Rated Air Conditioning Tools & Equipment #AutomotivePartsandAccessories

$59.95 Alpine Buick GMC Pre-Summer Air Conditioning Service Performance test system. Inspect system for leaks. Check drive belt condition and tension. Check hoses. Plus tax, if applicable. Not valid with other offers. Coupon valid at vehicle check-in. Price may vary for some models. Plus tax. Freon Extra. Any additonal recommended repairs extra.

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