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"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself" ~Coco Chanel. I am Happily married - - NSFW occasionaly - Fitness and good vibes for sure :) Enjoy and remember... It's just a blog 💋💋 Please be of legal age to reblog or follow me! preferably

I Love You More Textual Art

I ❤️ when he says this back to me with your actions and words. ❤️❤️

When People Fall In Love

This a really true. If you are good together, the sum becomes greater than the whole.

Make These Motivational Quotes A Part Of Your Life

Last week was a bit of a bust for me to be honest – I went for a run once, and it sucked. I was tired, tired, tired, unmotivated and just felt like shit. This is really hard…it really is.. But.. I want this so bad, I really do, I want to look good, no …

I have had to work on this because I have this bad habit of helping everyone else and leaving my problems alone and just letting them sit sometimes creating a bigger problem.. sometimes you have to take care of yourself before you can help others

Love Saying - Vinyl Wall Art, Graphics, Lettering, Decals, Stickers

I patiently await my call to come home from our Heavenly Father and this is exactly how I imagine it to feel when I get there 🙌🙌 You are such a good, good Father Lord! My gratitude has no measure, I am forever grateful for You 🙌👣❤