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A good height is seen as a gift and a feature that adds to a person’s beauty. However, for some people it may be problem when you talk about clothes, footwear, health issues and other things they may regret not being able to enjoy due to their heights. There are people who die for having ...

✖✖✖ “A kind of you” by Perttu Saska. / The world of street monkeys in Jakarta. Trained to ask for money from passers-by, dressed as human-beings and using doll heads, an ancient Asian tradition, the monkeys become real objects, turning into toys with life. A cruel phenomenon. ✖✖✖

"While looking for something to share with you all, I did a search for “the world’s greatest sports photographer” and the first return I got was this: 100 Greatest Sports Photos of All Time. Now if I counted correctly, a staggering 16% of those 100 frames came from iconic sport photographer Neil Leifer"

5 Reasons You’ll Never Look at a Mug the Same Way Again

Look out coffee and hot cocoa, now you can make breakfast and dessert in your favorite mug, in minutes! From cheesecake and muffins to pumpkin pie, we’re teaching old mugs new tricks.

The Ahoy!wich

Simple, sweet, and delish. ahoy!wich prep is as easy as 1,2,3: (1) Sandwich…