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I seriously love L so much he's my favourite. I actually cried a little when he died. I can't believe they killed him off. :(

solo il viso è definito, mentre i capelli e lo sfondo sono tratti diversi di amtita, macchie di acquerello e scarabocchi (Joseph Loughborough)

Character Quirks (Writing Worksheet Wednesday)

Look out for character quirks you encounter IRL with this #writing worksheet.

Free Handwriting Fonts - Beautiful Dawn Designs

12 Free Handwritten Fonts @ Beautiful Dawn designs ~~ {w/ easy download links} ~~

Want to be remembered? Have excellent #manners. People remember that! #Hadith #KeysToParadise #ProphetMuhammad

ARTFINDER: Your Visits by Jilly Henderson - 'Your Visits' is an original drawing measuring 124mm x 180mm in size. 'Your Visits' has been drawn in pencil and ink. Texture and detail has been added with ...

Kagyu Tiger. The tiger is a mascot of the Great Kagyu linage, one of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. On his back are three Hum characters, seed syllables of the wrathful deity Dorje Trolo, who rode a tiger.