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Every woman should read this. He must love you mind and soul to be given permission to touch your body. Otherwise you love in vain because he will only lust your body.

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My Life. I Just Want To Go On More Adventures. Be Around Good Energy. Connect With People. Learn New Things. Grow.

Dealing with negative people

Envious, jealous, insecure "women" who reflect their insecurities, fears, or just generalized discontent onto others through hate, isolation, and non acceptance are the ones I feel extremely sorry for. Let go of the way you perceive yourself and how you feel about people because its making you treat people horribly and to be honest makes you look ignorant, rude and heartless. I hope you find peace and contentment so you can pass that on instead of unreasonable hatred.

Weekend chat on change & self love // 10 favorite links

Love myself! The foundation for so much peace. Jesus didn't save a nobody. :)

Keep letting them? Really? Is it that easy to put a stop to someone else's behavior? Is this quote suggesting it is OUR FAULT when someone wants to hurt us? What about family? It seems like we are expected to take emotional and verbal abuse from family: our mothers, our fathers and from our husbands. Where is society and religion then? There is no support or protection. This quote seems to be NOT entirely true.