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Sehun's love is none other than BUBBLE DRINKS ♡♡ #exo #sehun Can someone teach me on how to be a bubble tea? :D

Kris laughing at how Xiumin got scared, Sehun being his normal self after the incident then theres Kai trying to kick the confetti machine? And Tao getting angry by himself HAHAHAH <3

Two Moons // By Peppers // Romance & Supernatural // EXO & OC // Chapters 80 // 12 forces from Planet EXO is out to search for you and your sister. Your life is simple and perfect as it is but not until when they come and unintentionally ruin everything. Will you be able to teach and show these unfamiliar souls how humans live? Will you be able to survive living with 12 boys, each with unique abilities? What will happen when one day a threat comes to hunt you down?

Kai, EXO - One pinner said, "This boy must start to write a book about how to be hot as hell." Yes. :)

Lulu. He's so precious He's so adorably random... I wanted to see more of that... <3 | Exo

I love Xiumeee obviously! But I also adore D.O. he's my Doobie My DooBeeDoooBeeeDoooo, when I first saw this meme I didn't like it, in fact I hated all the comment's about him being creepy. I thought they would hurt his image of how he saw himself. I'm sensitive because people can easily participate in bullying online without seeing the person's inner turmoil. I never want to be apart of that. So will a brave soul tell me does this cross the line?