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#Suppressors make shooting quieter and more enjoyable. And, in spite of the $200 ATF extortion fee, they are legal.

Strong Fragility... I don't now nor have I ever believed the Fragility part. I have dealt with Women Warriors, Women Law Enforcement officers, a Mother, and a very tiny wife who can become a seriously scary person when it is necessary.

LadyH on

Layla greyrain code name: wolf age 14 trained special forces but escaped base camp 2 years ago with Tyler grant. threat to the dark horses mission: yes needs to be killed

Dangerous Women: Hard to Ignore

Ray Bans and tactical gear

by Weapon Outfitters; Ethereal Rose Model Mechanix Wear gloves, Grey Ghost Gear pack, B5 Systems stock, Centurion Arms modular rail.

Characterization (Step: 3): Dede Mirabal, I chose this picture because I believe that she is a warrior. A brave soldier, she is the only remaining sister, and she deals with interviews and telling the story of her and her family. She has been through a lot. According to Dede's chapter, the reader gets to learn about Dede's daily routine of interviews and showing interviewers the actual house that the sisters lived in. "

Black & White Heels with Gold Detailing

Ethereal Rose with a Primary Weapons SystemsMk114 with Triad flash hider and High Speed Gear Leg Rig Pictured GearBackpack by Grey Ghost Ge...