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Contemporary Wooden Teak Puzzle Stool

Contemporary Wooden Teak Puzzle Stool - is an innovative work of art. A stool provides that extra seating arrangement needed during large gatherings. This stylish wooden stool constructed from teak wood has round disks of wood forming the base and top whereas the body depicts a puzzle of wood segments piled on top of each other to create a structured stool.

Stool / Seat / stool / Ottoman / bench made of solid oak table, oak legs, upholstered in cold wool gray

Set of Cubical Storage Wooden Cushioned Top Stools - adds an earthy feel to your contemporary home. It is not only stylish in looks but also serves more than one purpose. It acts as a super comfortable stool and offers extra storage space inside. It has a cushioned top to make your seating experience wonderful, and you can lift it up to open the storage space inside and keep your clothes and other utility items handy.

Block Design Wooden Square Goat Leather Covered Stool

Block Design Wooden Square Goat Leather Covered Stool - The stool has a simple block design and is made of MDF (medium density fiberboard). It is covered with goat leather. The stool can be used as a footstool or as casual seating in any home.

Brass and Leather Stool

Brass and Leather Stool | From a unique collection of antique and modern stools at

RESERVED. Vintage Rustic Wood Camping Stool with Handwoven Rug Seat Cover

Wooden Block Top Table Stool Set in Metal Accent

Wooden Block Top Table Stool Set in Metal Accent - add to your home and transform the contemporary style of your home decor. This set comes with a table and two stools that are beautiful in design and pattern. Perfected with fine detailing, this elegant piece of furniture is sure to add charm to your dining room. Made from hardwearing material and featuring sturdy legs, this furniture will last a lifetime and decorate your living space for years to come.

Beautiful stool so I can sit to do the dishes and cook on a "good" day. Adding to the dream "to buy" list. If only I had an extra $1000. Think I'll go with a simpler one.