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Gesellschaft zur Emanzipation des Samples (G.E.S.): More Circulations, Faitiche

A British Teacher's Archive of Confiscated Toys

These “confiscation cabinets,” assembled by veteran teacher and artist Guy Tarrant, are an unusual archive: toys taken from London schoolchildren in 150 different schools, over thirty years.

These Are The Most Fascinating And Downright Bizarre British Traditions That Go Back Centuries

Psychic tears: harvested after an emotional response. I Photograph Tears To Show That Each Tear Is Unique And Beautiful | Bored Panda

A few weeks ago, photographer Meagan Abell was thrift store shopping in Richmond, Virginia, when she came across a box of film negatives. Curious about the images, she bought the negatives, took them home, and scanned them... And was absolutely stunned...