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Throwing dagger and a metal rose. Made by Poisonblade Knives.

I did some more research into the knives Four threw at me. They are perfectly balanced. He so could have hit me if he wanted to.

Your doubts, your hesitations, your very thoughts of possible weakness, must all vanish. But to get "there" you need to take the journey fig...

Glow in the Dark Art - Star Poster - The Lamp Post and Orion

Glow in the Dark Star Poster - The lamp post and the starry night - Orion - Astronomically Accurate - Glow in the dark art

Leather Pearl Necklace Brown Genuine Leather Single Pearl Necklace Natural Freshwater Pearls Necklace Choker Collar Princess Bib Bead Pearl

The elvish silver daggers. The most efficient way to stab a shadow, kill a shade and make a sorcerer feel agony of undescribeable magnitude. Sabine uses these when she frees Price and Ro has another. People talkt about the daggers being sisters. Which is kind of true, when they are made magic is poured into the liquid silver so two daggers made with the magic of the same elf are related. They are elven made, humans doesn't know how to make them which makes these two very valubable to t…

"I bought you a gift." "I don't think you understand the concept of 'gift'" "it means to give, no?"