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Freckled Jesus will always be alive in our hearts❤️happy birthday marco jean will be sad today but so will us all...

Stay Close Art Print | Hafez Quote | | Watercolor Lettering | Inspirational Wall Art | Katie Daisy | 8x10 | 11x14

art by katie daisyWritten by Leah DrinenHafez's advice is not so easily taken these days, because well, did you notice? the things that make you happy to be alive, are most likely other living things. But nature has…

Couldn't say it better myself. Exactly how I feel. I will NOT give up on us. I trust in God to make a way for us. He brought our souls together at last xxx love always finds a way xxxxxx

I only imagine you baby. I love you my special baby. Forgive me baby for bringing us here... you know im not like them. I will make it up to you :) i am your boo

Camellias are such a beautiful flower and plant. They bloom in Feb., March and April here in the south. Leaves must be sprayed for 'Whitefly'. Neal

This is so beautiful to me. How can we not adore and glorify the Messiah Christ who takes away all of our sins out of the enormous infinite love he has for all of us. HE is so amazing and beautiful. God Bless!