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Look at the 26 year old child! Tyki seems like the kinda guy who would block everything once things start to get annoying... I even bet he often does that around Sheril #DGM

"We ,in the DGM fandom, have our own Dr.jekylls and hide. krory is such a good character ! he is that sweet young man who deals with so much feelings and yet he have this dark, cruel , close to bestial personality when he use his innocence. i always wondered how he dealed with that part of himself. does he apologizes before he activate?" <- words and art by pouzingarou on tumblr #DGM

Team Rocket.... Seriously, James was the manliest character of my childhood ever, because he absolutely didn't give any fucks xD←Manly as f*ck

I am wondering, did they played "paper,rock,sissors" to see who gets to carry Wisely around? #DGM