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A German messenger dog leaps a trench, possibly near Sedan on the Western Front, May 1917. Two soldiers are just visible in the trench behind and beneath the dog. German First World War Official Exchange Collection, IWM.

Photographs capture boys' special bond with dogs, ducks and rabbits

The child animal whisperers: Mother's intimate photographs capture her sons' special bond with dogs, ducks and rabbits

60 Things You Absolutely Have To Do This Summer

Cat: Moody, wants attention when they want, not when you want, like to be spanked and petted, like to watch what is going on around them, insatiably curious, un-tameable, love to lay wherever it is comfortable, no matter how odd that may be, want to sleep close to you (or someplace warm and comfortable), drawn to things that move quickly, like to eat meat and gnaw on bones, fastidious about appearance (the only one that I don't have or that is not in tune right now?)

I Can See It’s Going To Blossom Soon

I Can See It's Going To Blossom Soon. @AndreaCas68 , on a similar subject of animals in pots!

Only partially true - AND not quite the way things are since, on the physical plane, we observe from a common database of vibrations, perceptions and interpretations (which biases the probability factor) ~mgh