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The Moment I Knew I Wasn't Young Anymore ~~ "When my kids started beating me at everything!" – Vanessa Amsbury-Bonilla ..... "When all my favorite actors started looking long in the tooth." – Tina Reyes Galie ..... "When I heard myself say in my head that pop music today is AWFUL." – OR " At holidays when I see the generation below me looking bored and ...

The Moment I Knew I Wasn't Young Anymore ~~ "When my husband started opening doors for me -- again." – Vicki Morgan Melton

Meme: Ryan Gosling's "Hey Girl." Ryan Gosling is hot and, undoubtedly, most women would love to hear this sexy actor throw a little "Hey girl," at 'em. But, according to an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Gosling has never said "Hey Girl" in his life. This hasn't stopped the internet, however, in creating many a meme dedicated to what they would like Gosling to follow-up "Hey Girl" with. May these sexy pick-up-lines come true for one special lady.

This one is for my daughter and all the moms that get those looks from people who think your a child abuser because your getting on to your child over and over then you say, what the _ell I give up for now....

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