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I've said this for YEARS and STILL there are people who want to get butt hurt when I do...above all else you will receive my honest opinion and I won't say I'm sorry if you don't like it, it just makes me sad that you'd rather hear a lie... So me....

The heart is a tangled web of lies & confusion & doubt mixed with butterflies & lust & love, stirred with feelings & happiness & illusions. A lethal combination that when broken can nearly indeed spill blood. Your heart is not to be trusted - for we were given a brain to make decisions. That is not the function of the heart.

And believe every single lie that comes out your mouth to cover your bullshit tracks. I'm no fool and I don't play games. But if you think I do...I will start right now...

Meet the extraordinary T.D. Jakes who was named as the ‘Next Billy Graham'. He is one of today’s most influential preachers in the world, with his television show being aired daily in more than one hundred countries worldwide, reaching millions of people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. "It is every person's responsibility to have a strong relationship with God". T.D. Jakes

Sometimes, the first step towards forgiveness is realizing the other person it totally bat-shit crazy.

God will always send you a few cowards, Ladies. But....He makes up for it with the next one.....NEVER GIVE UP ON LOVE :)