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You can’t help but love these mug cake recipes and these from The Best Dessert Recipes on Pinterest are a doddle to make. They have only shown three on this pin but if you go to their website…

Yes you read that right – Big Mac Fries all in one dish. This is delicious! What is about McDonalds that draws us in? It’s like a drug, we know it’s bad for us, but you can’t help but crave it. Their main burger loved by all is a Big Mac – beef patties, topped...Read More »

Do not touch his toothbrush. Strictly prohibited objects: dirty clothes, empty chocolate wrappers and half empty bottles, anything he consider “dangerous stuff on Sirius’ hands”, any thousand-page book and if it’s possible: Sirius Black’s wand (he’s a pain in the ass when he wants, believe me). But the most important advertence is: Take care of him because he truly believe he can do it by himself - but can’t. Also, don’t love him, that's my job -- a guide to Remus lupin by Sirius black

10 Super Fun Back to School DIYS

Even though I may not be in school, I still can’t help but get excited about getting new office supplies this time of the year. I mean, c’mon, any excuse to buy colored post-its and a fresh pen, am I right? If you share my love for all things office supplies, then you are sure…

Caribbean Banana Fritters

Make these melt in your mouth Vegan Caribbean Banana Fritters. And watch it disappear! Simple and Delicious!


Balance- The composition of this piece is asymmetrical and creates a sense of movement and emphasis with the waves rolling onto the sand, and with the hills in the background helping balance the bright, white waves.