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10 Words of Wisdom From the Late Maya Angelou

Diversity: Every person that you encounter is unique to our world. This is true in our classrooms. Each child comes form a different family, in a different background, and have different beliefs. All of that is okay! Everyone is allowed to be different and should be accepted for being their self.

Africa | "No matter how young, Surma children love to be decorated with vibrantly colored face paint. Their colorful bead necklaces are received in the first years of life." Ethiopia. | ©Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher; Painted Bodies Collection

Baby tale not black and white

In London 2010, a black Nigerian couple gave birth to a blue-eyed blonde, white-skinned baby. Possible explanations: dormant white genes which entered both of her parents' families long ago; a genetic mutation unique to her; or albinism.

family ties run strong throughout the animal kingdom. Many mammals, from seals and monkeys to squirrels and elephants, have been shown to recognize family members after long separations...

'You're not welcome': teachers vote to ban Ofsted

You're not welcome:teachers vote to ban OFSTED The Independent 9 April 2012

Unusual Travel destination around the world

Pygmy of South Africa ... really you keylogged a beautiful child from South Africa. what are you a racist as well?