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Not So Fast On a highway encircling Paris, city workers replace an 80 kph speed limit sign with a 70 kph one on Jan. 7. The controversial speed limit change was done, officials said, to lessen the amount of noxious gases emitted by vehicles at high speed and reduce polluting traffic jams. In December, officials in Paris issued an air pollution alert as "cold weather entrapped diesel fumes, leading to the most severe smog in the French capital since 2007," reported Bloomberg…

"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." - Twyla Tharp. Welcome to my collection. None of these images are mine. If one is yours and you would like credit or have it removed, please ask and I will do so.

This is a real photo of a koala who just discovered his home had been cut down :(

Here's how this city's residents can make a Goodwill donation without having to leave their apartment buildings.

Per Petfinder 02/07/14:About 14-198 Animal is not adoptable if this is your pet please come down to 910 w 42nd street in Odessa TX to reclaim your lost animal. Please bring with you a current photo id and either cash or check. Still There! 14-198 Labrador Retriever & Basset Hound Mix • Adult • Male • Medium CITY OF ODESSA ANIMAL SHELTER, Odessa, Texas THERE ARE SO MANY ANIMALS HERE, AND MANY WON'T MAKE IT OUT!!!

Teach a Man to Fish: According to Oceana, the American fish industry throws away $1 billion in catch annually. That includes sea scallops, halibut, and bluefin tuna, a shrinking species. The reason? Bycatch—or fish caught inadvertently—may be too small, be of poor quality, or exceed fishermen’s annual quota for that type of fish. Updating fishing gear and methods may prevent this waste, which damages marine ecosystems. Photo: Marty Melville/Getty Images