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Explore these ideas and much more! - Sacremon by Michael Chatfield Stay in Earth’s slums or carve out a life in Earth’s Military Forces. Two brothers make a choice that will change their lives forever. Mark and his brother Tyler survived the slums with a gun in their hand and a blade in their sleeve. While it won’t get them hired at a corporation, the Troopers are always looking for trained killers. The EMF offers education, medical care, food, and real pay. The

Dazzling fantasy, sci-fi and game art from Josh Corpuz

The Mistrunner assassins use a secret magical symbol they call the "Mist Sign". It enables them to walk among the name-giving mist, the border between the physical world and the spirit realm.

The 10 Best Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books of 2016 So Far

Four magical Londons or four women who meet during a violent rebellion? Sleeping giants or gigantic alien animals? Dark, weird, hard-boiled, and humorous, the year’s best sci-fi and fantasy n…

12 Book Series That Are Equal Parts Sexy and Sci-Fi

Winter 2017’s Best Young Adult Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books: Swashbuckling Pirates, the Phantom of the Opera, and a Shrinking Universe | Bookish

Your Picks: Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books

I almost didn't finish reading this one. It sounded so childish to me. Once ya get past this one the rest in the series seems pretty good. It seems to be a lot like Robert Jordan's Wheel Of Time series.

I added this design as it didn't really stick to the blue/yellow colours that sci fi games usually have. I thought that adding the googles to the character gives him a villain feel to him.

to paranormal, sci-fi, & fantasy!

reading recommendation guide and infographic, this one all about paranormal, science fiction, and fantasy books!

6 Tips for Writing Fantasy Weapons

fantasy and steampunk weapons share much more in common with their real-world counterparts than it seems. Here are six tips that transcend reality.