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Last words before their deaths. These fit their characters perfectly...guess it explains why Javert is not one of my favorites and Enjolras and Valjean are.

Elphaba Costume from Wicked the Musical

I get that way when I tell my non-Broadway friends about the shows I watch. Love Elphaba's face!

Tom Hooper and his high and mighty, talentless direction! He ruined "I Dreamed a Dream", it's the pinnacle of Les Miserables and he just made it this claustrophobic and lifeless scene that otherwise would've been ruined had it not been for Anne! RANT OVER!

*sob* I can't decide if it wouldve been worse seeing the blood of enjolras on the musain sign or not. I know seeing it would have broken my heart. But my eyes always go straight to the sign anyway. Idk. I'm weird :)