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Filling In New Orleans' Future, One Blank At A Time

Candy Chang, co-founder of the website Neighborland, writes on an art installation in New Orleans in April. As part of a public street art project that later became Neighborland, Chang put nametag-like stickers on empty New Orleans storefronts for residents to write ideas for improving the city. #candychang #socialinnovation

Hypothetical Development, a public art project that creates signs depicting fanciful futures for neglected buildings in New Orleans. The renderings, created by different artists, are posted directly onto the buildings they depict.

Dublinked is a unique initiative between Dublin’s Local Authorities and National University of Ireland Maynooth. This new regional data sharing initiative sees previously unreleased public operational data being made available online for others to research or reuse. All datasets are detailed on the , ranging from planning, transport, environment, arts, culture and heritage. #opendata #civicinnovation

Doors of Perception: In what ways can design help people interact with living systems in ways that help both of them thrive? And, what small practical steps might one take to test the effect of small actions on the system as a whole?

f8 Conference Badges “Now who are you again?” Facebook designers stumbled upon a novel approach to the usual name tag problems.

Tidy St: Shining a light on community energy efficiency