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Our internet was out all morning! There is a construction site down the road, and a backhoe took out the fiber optic cable. Thankfully a local electrical contractor was available. Now, we are up and running as if nothing happened.

I have always really admired truck drivers. There job actually kind of sounds like fun. I love to drive, so it seems like it would be a good career. It would be hard to always be away from home though.

It would be really interesting to learn more about bored piles. I have always thought that construction workers are so cool. I really admired them when I was younger. I wonder how you can get your foot in the door for a job like this.

I need some extra glass for my custom mirrors. I should find a glass company soon. My mirrors have been selling like hotcakes, so I should get some more glass to make my mirrors.

The company that I work for is going on a road trip for a business meeting. We could fly to our destination, but the CEO's think that it would be a good way for us to get to know each other and grow closer as a team if we travel together on a charter bus. I hope that they can find a charter bus with air conditioning, so that everyone can be comfortable throughout the trip.

I have always loved the look of brick. I think that it adds such a classy and unique look to every home. I would especially love to have a brick fireplace. I think that it would really match my home perfectly.

Whiteboards like this would be perfect to have in my future classroom. I have always dreamed of being a teacher, and having a whiteboard of my own. Something like this would be a great teaching tool to have in my classroom. I wounder how much something like this would usually cost.

I need to rent a light tower for work. I need to have a tower with a 20 KW light tower with a 60 KW generator. I hope that they come with fuel tanks.

I have a huge renovation project that I need to do for my basement. It's very difficult to hire a few contractors to do the project without breaking ground, so I need to hire an excavation team. The excavation work should make it more possible for the contractors to create the additions to my basement that I need.

I need to find a new office space for my business. We're more successful than we've anticipated. The office I'm renting is really small, so I'll need one that's a lot larger to fit all of my clients.