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50 Must do DIY Projects from April

Need some creative inspiration? Here are 50 Must do DIY Projects from April to fuel your DIY needs until the end of May! Pin this now!

Etsy SEO Webinar

Fixing your SEO is the fastest way to get your shop the attention it deserves! Think about it: changing out a few words will only take up an afternoon. When you compare that to big changes like taking new photos, rewriting all your content, or creating a ton of new products…it seems like a no-brainer! Watch the free webinar to learn how!

How to choose a gemstone (for yourself or a significant other), by birthstone, zodiac stone and color modern jewellery blog : obsessed with rings // feed your fingers!: Nora Fok / Dominique Labordery

Etsy SEO Bootcamp

Etsy SEO Bootcamp - Creative people love to overlook logistical things. I’m talking about all those little things that will “get done eventually”. And it’s the technical bits that we tend to leave for last…”I’ll do it when I absolutely need it” — that’s the excuse I usually hear. Well guess what: You NEED SEO. Every day you wait, you’re losing sales and customers. Now and forever, SEO is literally the ONLY way for Etsy to figure out what you’re selling. And if Etsy doesn’t understand your…

Plan a Killer Etsy Sale in 7 Days or Less

oh CRAP! Etsy updated their SEO algorithm again! If you think your world is going to come crashing down around you, take a breath: I've got a complete, easy-to-use guide for you so your shop can stay on top. Click to get your ducks in a row!