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Top Fall Flowers for Your Garden

One of our favorite ground covers, leadplant is a tough little plant that thrives in sun or shade.

No-Fail Perennials of the Mountain West

No-Fail Perennials of the Mountain West & High Plains These old-fashioned plants are among the easiest you can grow. They're perfect for beginners or seasoned gardeners alike.

Honesty also called money plant, produces seedpods, about the size of large coins. Its sturdy stems, clothed with oval- or heart-shape leaves sometimes rimmed in white, are topped w/ clusters of white or reddish-purple flowers.Not fussy about soil, usually self-seeds. Part Sun, Sun Perennial 1 to 3' tall 1' wide Flower Color-Blue, White Sprng Bloom, Summer Bloom, Wntr Interest Deer Resistant, Drought Tolerant Attracts Birds, Cut Flowers, Fragrant, Good for Containers, Low Maintenance Zones…

Foamflower Tiarella spp. Light:Part Sun,ShadePlant Height:4-24 inches tall, depending on varietyZones:3-9Plant Type:Perennial Foamflower is a plant for all seasons. In spring, the charming flowers light up even places under pines in dry shade. more > Plant with : Phlox, Japanese painted fern, Solomon's seal, Virginia bluebells

Aster -flowers are indeed the superstars of the fall garden. Some types of this native plant can reach up to 6 feet with flowers in white and pinks but also, perhaps most strikingly, in rich purples and showy lavenders -Sun -Perennial -Height:Under 6 inches to 8 ft,Width:1-4 ft wide -Flower Color:Blue, Pink, White -good for bees,Attracts Birds, Cut Flowers -Zones3-9