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When Bernie met Hillary

February, 93, #BernieSanders requested a meeting with #Hillary to bring in 2 Harvard Medical School physicians who have written on the Canadian system, leading advocates for single-payer health care. The 2 doctors laid out the case & She said, "You make a convincing case, but is there any force on the face of the earth that could counter the hundreds of millions of the dollars the insurance industry would spend fighting that?" They said the President, her response? "Tell me something real."

Hillary Clinton Joins Instagram, Posts Pantsuits Picture

Hillary Clinton Joins Instagram, Posts Patriotic Pantsuits Picture

Hillary Clinton with her daughter Chelsea. She's fierce, she's funny. She's focused and she's a fighter. As a girl who asked questions and challenged limits, as a woman whose lifetime path opened opportunities for others, as an admired, accomplished woman living in the public eye — Hillary Clinton speaks with a powerful and compassionate voice, unwavering and hopeful in her vision of a stronger and better world. ~ Ready For Hillary Clinton for President 2016

Washington Post Runs UNPRECEDENTED Full Page Editorial: On The Dangers Of A GOP Presidency | The Washington Post ran a 'full-page ad today'... one day after ‘he who shall not be named’ accepted the Republican nomination for president of the United States... 'Spelling Out in Prolific and Profound Prose the Dangers of a Trump Presidency' . It was an Amazing Piece of Writing . || [gotoComments]