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Caustic Soda – Sodium Hydroxide

Uses of Caustic Soda - Caustic Soda used in many chemical industries, it’s chemical name is Sodium Hydroxide.Caustic Soda is a strong base which is soluble in water. Its also called lye and usually used in liquid and solid state. It is a robust base and can be used as a cleaning agent. #CausticSodaSuppliers

Crystallized caustic soda (cleaning agent), Glauber?s salt (multi-purpose chemical), and D76 (a photochemical) (40x)

Sachlo is the top chemical industries in Saudi Arabia and Mena region with bulk production of Caustic Soda for your industry needs. Sachlo is one of the largest Caustic Soda manufacturer in MENA region

These Organic Hemp Rainbow Scarves are 100% organic designed and manufactured in Romania by Ecolution. Ecolution is a leader in environmentally friendly products manufacturing and operates under fair trade. Unlike most hemp fabrics, this product was processed without heavy caustic sodas and acid rinses, and uses environmentally friendly fiber-reactive and plant-based dyes that contain no heavy metals or known toxic substances.

If you carefully remove the pictures of the bee and wreath with caustic soda and witch hazel you might be able to read the page

If you lived in the past, these might have been your morning routine during medieval times.

Sodium hydroxide is also known as lye or caustic soda. Its molecular formula is NaOH. It undergoes and exothermic reaction when mixed with water, which may cause the solution to splash or boil.

Luxurious, moisturizing olive oil–based soaps made easily at home. There are only three essential ingredients required to create these luscious soaps: water, olive oil and caustic soda. Olive oil is used because it has the highest rating as a soap-making ingredient — its properties are known throughout the world. It’s the most beneficial oil for your health and has been used since ancient times thanks to its virtues for glowing hair and skin. It is rich in vitamins and minerals and has the…