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Dr Oz: Clean Eating Tips + Healthy Condiments & Nighttime Ritual

Dr Oz shared sneaky ways you can eat clean throughout the day, helping you slim down and eat better.

Dr Oz: Fast Food Cheat Sheet, Veggie Burger Calories + Food Phonies

Dr Oz and Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien shared a Fast Food Cheat Sheet that will help you make smarter choices when you are ordering food from a drive thru.

Dr Oz: White Bean Extract Sugar Eraser & Branched Chain Amino Acids

Dr Oz shared some of the latest and best metabolism boosters to help fuel your body White bean extract sugar eraser & safe tea leaf coffee for metabolism

Dr Oz: Kick the Sugar Action Plan + Managing Withdrawal Triggers

With all its negative health effects, do you want to Kick the Sugar? Dr Oz shared a five-step action plan that will help you manage withdrawal and relapse.

Dr Oz: Link Between Artificial Sweeteners & Diabetes + Alternatives

Dr. Oz discussed the new study that showed a link between artificial sweeteners and diabetes and then shared some sweet alternatives you can use instead.

Dr Oz: Soy Milk Protein, Almond Milk Flavor & Rice Milk Smoothies

Dr Oz shared his thoughts about Soy Milk, Almond Milk, and Rice Milk as alternatives to cow’s milk, and the best benefits of each of these choices.

Dr Oz: Messages From The Afterlife + Car Crash Miracle Baby

Dr Oz explored reports of people getting messages from the afterlife, including the story of how a mother's love helped a child survive a tragic car crash, even after the mom didn't.

Dr Oz: Protein Power Snacks & Protein Powder Weight Loss Diet

Dr Oz talked with three women who used Protein power as the building block to lose weight and make lasting healthy lifestyle changes to their routines.

Dr Oz: Natural Energy Sources + Yerba Mate & Cocoa Powder

Dr Oz talked to Chris Kilham about the three natural sources of energy he found while exploring the Amazon rain forest.

Dr Oz: The New Nordic Diet + Canola Vs Olive Oil & Fish Protein

Dr. Oz took a closer look at the new Nordic Diet and the benefits to eating the foods it’s based on.