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Alternate view of the hole of Sacred Dungeon at St. Peter in Gallicantu, named after Peter's denial of Jesus before the cock crowed ("galli cantu"), is the House of Caiaphas where Jesus was kept in an underground prison like the other criminals of the time period. It's believed he was kept in this old cistern, lowered from the upper level by a rope tied around his waist.

Beneath King Solomon's Temple - 1870 London Illustrated News But it wasn't until 1973 that a concerted attempt was made to reveal the first House of the Lord - the Temple of King Solomon. The archaeological project was led by Prof. Benjamin Mazar of the Hebrew University, with field architect Dr. Leen Ritmeyer. To their astonishment, in the floor of the Holy of Holies above was the carved rectangular depression (48 inches by 31 inches), where the Ark of the Covenant once stood (1-Kings…

Inscribed stone the fell from top corner of the temple mount during the Roman destruction of Jerusalem (70 AD). The Hebrew reads, "To the place (lit. house) of the trumpeting for . . . " (last part missing). It appears that this was the place designated for a priest to blow the horn announcing the beginning and end of the Sabbath

Inside the house of Herod: Israeli exhibition sheds light on the home life of the biblical king who tried to kill the baby Jesus

The Tel Dan Stele is currently on display in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. This inscribed stone was discovered 1993/94 during excavations at Tel Dan in northern Israel. This stele fragment contains inscriptions from a King who boasts about his victory over Israel and "the House of David"; the first time the name David has been found outside the Bible

Solomon’s Stables: When the site of Megiddo was excavated in the 1930’s archaeologists found structures they identified as stables built to house some of Solomon’s chariot force. The buildings were divided by pillars into three aisles. The excavators assumed that horses had been quartered in the outer two rows. Mangers found in the buildings strengthened this theory. Subsequent excavation at Megiddo has led some archaeologists to redate the structures to the time of Ahab (874-853).

Possible Site Of Jesus' Trial Uncovered

Possible Site Of Trial Of Jesus Uncovered By Archaeologists - Herodian steps leading down into Kishle