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Black and Tan

A chemical Romance Laptop & iPad Skin

I feel an emotional connection to anyone who understands this

baudet du poitou donkeys - Google Search

This version of meg was my favorite... and yes she's was a demon. And no, i don't care :)

10+ Touching Tributes To Late Carrie Fisher By Artists Around The World << RIP Carrie Fisher

Okey, who the fu*k still believes in horoscopes? Even though there are currently 13 signs, but the astrologists still only count and predict 12? Also: Who the fu*k counts fire, air, earth, and water as elements? That hasn't really been done in rather a long time. (Have you ever seen a periodic table, FFS?!) The worst thing is yet to come: I found this pin on a board called "Nature Science"! Wow. I think that actually makes me speechless. -Ragne.

i adopted a kid yesterday. she's currently drinking hot coco and saying i love you every second. I couldn't be more happy

It is currently 12:55 and I have finished re-watching Free, and Yuri on Ice, i want to go outside and be athletic and shout WHAT A LIFE