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My husband (37) has had severe Anxiety disorders his whole life which limit his ability to function (never had a job etc) and also has CPTSD, having nightmares, flashbacks, and being on hyper alert 24/7. About 7 years ago he went through some awful circumstances that completely exacerbated his illnesses and since then has been completely isolated socially only having any meaningful contact with myself and my mother who lives with us. He was on Cy

Hello everyone, Im Josh. I keep it as short as I can, but ive had a good life, decent education and a good home. I was always a little tougher then most people and always able to deal with situations without much bothering me. When I was 21 I started working as a security officer at a nearby hospital. I didn t know at the time that I took the job (it wouldn t have made a difference, I still would have taken the job offer) but security at this hos

opening a window, another (earlier that day)... Dealing With Totally Out Of The Blue Flashbacks

Hi, I m pretty new to the support group, but anyone who knows me will know that recently my husband ended our marriage and left me and our 8 year old foster daughter. This is the second time he s left in the past month - first for 4 days and then for 8 - with absolutely zero contact from him. In the last 3 months he has said he doesn t want to be me with me at least twice every week and at one point told me that he s 37 now and wants to leave so

in my session today of EMDR i uncovered some things, about being sexually assaulted, but even after it came out i still don t remember it actually happening to me. And I almost didn t remember what I said during session. I go through so many feelings it s difficult to really know or remember it all. When I left therapy, how do I say this, my body felt it. Sensations, uncomfortable, my stomach hurt, I had to come home and shower, I felt dirty. I w

My bf went into inpatient treatment for combat PTSD and I m handling all of his affairs during his stay. I m happy that he trusts me enough to hold this responsibility, but it gets overwhelming. I am caring for his dog, Posie, overseeing renovations to his house, and some other things. I only talk to him once a day and most of the conversation is about Posie, house renovations, or his experiences in the hospital I get agitated because my bf doesn

So just over a year ago, I was in a four year relationship that was abusive. I was trying to be compassionate and take care of a guy who was an epileptic, how had intermittent explosive disorder and antisocial personality disorder on top of that. I was trying to be caring, but he would lash out and the way he would lash out was so scary that he did unforeseeable damage to me. He tried to blame it on his epilepsy, but for me to think all epileptic

Good evening all. Last July when I had my last pelvic and PAP I scheduled this year s exam for July again. However, something pretty traumatizing happened to me in April which has brought up a lot of things from my past. Since April I ve experienced severe panic attacks and anxiety and discomfort around most people. I also keep rescheduling my annual pelvic exam a day or two before I m due to go. I had to have a pelvic exam in June because of an

I never remember having had a happy dream. I ve heard other people say that they had a good dream where they were relaxed and happy. I ve also never have had an erotic dream that was positive. I only end up being attacked if there is anything sexual. I have tried programming my dreams by focusing on positive things before I fall to sleep, but it never works. Some times I have neutral or strange dreams that aren t nightmares. I ve been in therapy

I swear my abuser can sneeze and the person who wipes his nose will tell me every excruciating detail. I found out a whole bunch of new things about his family today that I wasn t aware of. Apparently, every school teacher in my area knows them because they re so bats**t insane, the parents AND my abuser AND his siblings. So now, I m sitting here, thinking "well my perfectly loving and caring boyfriend hasn t messaged me today so that probably m