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One of the best ways to wind down (it counts as 2 meals) the brownie and s'mores bar. Heat the bar, crumble it up and mix it up with the brownie mix and indulge. I love it with my sleepy time tea. think, I purposely wanted a side view picture in the brown, smh! From size 24/26 to size 12 and LOVING TO PAY IT FWD.

Hubby wanted cheesy grits and shrimp and I wanted something similar that was on plan. I used cauliflower & Fit & Active cheese for my masterpiece.

Is there any thing to say? I call the pic ijs because they both show beauty, boldness and enthusiasm all packaged in a cute and confident lady!

So, if you eat meals like Dawn's Shrimp Alfredo, you just might look as jazzy as she does. Gorgeous in white and HOT in her black with 60+ OFF !!

My FAVORITE salad, Trader Joe's turkey bacon, grape tomatoes and romaine lettuce. I have a few dressings that I like, Kraft light 3 cheese, Imo's Red Wine Vinaigrette or yogurt based.

A cauliflower, a squash and OH MY zucchini can substitute pasta. Chef Lex made this zucchini pasta and scallops look sooo mouthwatering!

This one is a little fancy bc my cousin Sandra is fancy like that...its made with Wolf Gang Puck's griddle. I prefer the Mrs. Butterworth sugar free for my pancakes, waffles or griddle sandwiches.

My modified version of 'man pleasing chicken' is made with boneless chicken thighs, dijon mustard, sugar free syrup and love. Mix the ingredients, coat the top & bottom of the thighs and bake on 400. Add fresh rosemary when done (try this 'sauce' on salmon too).

Chef Tanksley made this using the medifast fajita seasoning, shrimp and mixed/colored peppers and veggies. A nice cold weather meal.