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Link b/w construction and cancer

If you must eat meat, save it for Christmas

If you must eat meat, save it for Christmas From chickens pumped with antibiotics to the environmental devastation caused by production, we need to realise we are not fed with happy farm animals

What the Sami people can teach us about adapting to climate change

An old Sami 'nili' – a food storage hut raised above ground out of the reach of animals. What the Sami people can teach us about adapting to climate change. Photograph: Kaisa Siren/Rex Features

Half Of The United States Lives In These Counties

Map of US 50 percent and of those areas most of them will be lost to various disasters within the next 2 decades, mostly in the next 8 years. Don't believe me, you can get the same information yourself. The Creator is saying this via the analogies of your dreams ... if you'd only pay attention and learn how they work.

Should tourists be banned from Antarctica?

This season around 37,000 tourists are expected to visit Antarctica - home to about 20 million pairs of breeding penguins. But is it ethically acceptable to go on holiday to such a pristine environment?

To help you provide input on land-use decisions in your community, CDC has created a Healthy #Community Design Checklist Toolkit. This resource has information and education materials to help individuals, public health officials, and planners enhance the health and the livability of neighborhoods. Learn more.

Conservation Magazine | Can farmers feed an additional 4 billion people with current levels of crop production? | "meat production is "the most inefficient use of calories to feed people" that "a shift from crops destined for animal feed and industrial uses toward human food could hypothetically increase available calories by 70 percent and feed another 4 billion people each year."