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Sony Hack Aftermath: Negotiating Contracts With Stars Become Difficult #hollywoodactress #hollywoodmovies #AngelinaJolie

Sony Music sorry after hoax 'Britney Spears dead' tweet

Sony Twitter account hacked: leads to rumors that Britney Spears had died

WikiLeaks creates online archive of hacked Sony documents

Sticking the knife in: Julian Assange has defended collating the Sony hack into one searchable database saying that the entertainment giant has links to the Democratic party and the American 'military industrial complex'

Google admits Android security flaw, fixing it

Google admits Android security flaw, fixing it | Google has acknowledged a security flaw in its Android operating system and is working on an instant fix for the problem. Buying advice from the leading technology site

OurMine just combined hacking and debunking to dispel a fake Britney Spears death tweet Read more Technology News Here --> On Monday Britney Spears joined the ranks of celebrities who have briefly died on the internet. But her fake death was unique at least in the way it was shown to be untrue. The performer's fake death was first announced via the somewhat obviously hacked account of Sony Music Global. SEE ALSO: After hacking Netflix OurMine hits Marvel…

Amy Adams Muzzled and Forbidden From Discussing Sony Hack? - Entertainment, Entertainment Editorials

Sony hack: Why do analysts believe North Korea is behind attack? (+video)

Sony’s much awaited massive PS4 update 2.50 has been officially confirmed by the company.