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*Which one would you chose? Clipping Technique, Watercolors and Pen 2014 *Qual escolherias? Técnica de Colagem, Aguarelas e Caneta 2014

*Fat Cat Clipping Technique and Pen 2014 *Gato Gordo Técnica de Colagem e Caneta 2014

*Candy Crush Clipping Technique and Pen 2014 *Queda para Doces Técnica de Recorte e Caneta 2014

Wait a Minute! Clipping Technique & Pen 2015

Pizarra pintada Rock hecho a la medida Custom piedra imán Clip - eliges colores diseños punto arte regalo Ideas colorida decoración para el hogar regalos

Piedras pizarra de pintado a mano por Pitrone Miranda Punto arte imán Clip pizarra Tamaño: aprox. 2 pulgadas ELIGES un diseño y colores de alguno de mis trabajos que puedes ver aquí O podemos colaborar en algo juntos! :) Colores: Blanco, rojo, naranja, amarillo, verde, azul Aqua, Coral, luz brillante de color verde, Magenta, ciruela, mandarina Forma: Redondo / círculo Medio: Acrílicos base de agua Sellado/protector: sí. con protector de interiores y exteriores UV barniz - lustre…

57 is an exploration of a technique of making analogous to that used for producing closed cell foam. The process involves trapping voids of air of different sizes and configurations within a glass matrix, yielding a shape loosely referencing a rain cloud. These pockets of air remain invisible when the piece is off, but come alive to reveal an interior universe when the piece is illuminated. By virtue of the fabrication process, each piece made is completely unique from any other piece ever…

Mason Jar Chandelier Part 3

Hey there! Join us on Instagram and Pinterest to keep up with our most recent projects and sneak peeks! The final step is putting this bad boy together so that we can hang it! Pull all four pieces of rope together at the top and using the same technique that we used for the mason … | Soutache Ear Clips - Fairy Tales of the Orient | Ear Clips in the technique of soutache embroidery.

Cutting the plastic bottle

Fat Bottom Upcycled Shoe Clips at instructables - pinned not for the shoe clips but for how they cut the plastic soda bottle - the bottoms were used in another project pinned on this board