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Kurdish Women and children's necklace with amulets shaped like a baby in a cradle from Iranian Kurdistan, early 20th century.

Kurdish Necklace with the typical Iranian Symbols. The coins are Iranian rial's with lion and the sun, possibly from 1943-1951. ➡

Iraqi Kurdish necklace, in silver with glass stones. Coins from the 1930s in Iraq and Iran.

Ein Museumsstück!!! Vintange kurdische Mitgift Halskette

Jack Shahine on

Kurdish Women of Kobanê and the historical Costumes that women still wear in the City.

Kurdish Women and the Art of carpet weaving, 19th Century. Kurdish people have a long and distinguished weaving Tradition.

'Kurdish women having tea in garden' by François-Xavier Lovat. Koye, Iraqi-Kurdistan, 1963.