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Today in Spain we celebrate the epiphany or also known as 'The Three Wise Men'. These men (Reyes Magos in Spanish) bring presents to the kids. So basically if we follow the traditional Spanish way Santa Claus doesn't bring us presents just these camel riding men. Here I was about 9 years old dressed up as Melchior (one of them). Others too are called Caspar and Balthazar. Interesting huh?

These were my best 9 from 2016. Thanks Instagram friends for being there and hope you end up and start the new year awesomely! :)

#tbt when we were stone skipping in #Rivergaro . #emiliaromagna

When you miss #Lithuania a lot and can't help but explore #Oviedo to try to get a @svyturioalus that you will drink next Saturday. Amen.

May all your wishes come true this 2017 but not just with luck with hard work motivation and perseverance key elements in achieving anything in this life! [Picture of Bologna from its highest standing tower taken with an old Yashica Electro 35 back in October 2016]

When your sister knows you too good.

These days I've started a new challenge. Become the better version of myself (or at least what I think it is) before Christmas. Tomorrow on my blog ( there will be a new post explaining everything. Psst! Day 1 completed successfully! :) :) #motivation

Last summer well actually last last summer (2015) I had the awesome opportunity to spend one week in the #DominicanRepublic with my family. It was a super chill holiday. A couple of days ago I uploaded another Through My Eyes video (where I try to resume my experience in less than 90 seconds) about the adventures over there. Clickable link on the description and here: --- #DominicanRepublic #RepublicaDominicana #PuntaCana #VideoBlog #vlog

12:36. #study #mir #2MIR17 #medicina #medicine #oviedo