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Moving to London, finally. New people, new home, new life. You can forget all of your problems back in North America, with the help of someone special... ...

ㅤkatie 🐢✨ on

Phil is too precious, awh! Also, I loved Belle as well. She's honestly always been my favorite. When I was I dressed up as her and walked around Disney world. Anyway, back to Phil; this is one of the many reasons I love him.

mia on

I get really nervous when I have to speak out loud. After I saw this tweet, about a month later, I had to do an oral report and I started getting shaky and such. Then I imagined Dan hugging me and I calmed down. I got an A! Thanks Dan! Love ya! <~ omg

Here's Everyone Who Attended The 2016 Brit Awards

Phil Lester & Dan Howell | Here's Everyone Who Attended The 2016 Brit Awards <--- YOOO I watched the live stream from start to finish, it was great!! :D<<< I didn't do any of that but I'm honestly just jealous of Dan's shoes

Phil Lester on

@AmazingPhil: AT THE GATES OF HELL with @danisnotonfire. September source. 716 x 960 full quality link