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Love is pain. That's the message of the Richard Burton–Elizabeth Taylor story

The private love letters of Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor: New book reveals intimate details of their romance

A furious kind of love: She married eight times but only her relationship with Richard Burton truly defined her

Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton---they couldn't stay apart or together. One of my favorite couples ever. #taylorandburton

The Most Powerful Love Letters Ever Written #refinery29 Richard Burton to Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton married each other twice. He was her fifth and sixth husband (of an eventual 8). They fell in love while filming Cleopatra in 1963 and their first on-screen kiss reportedly went on long after the director said cut. They were both married at the time, but this was Hollywood, and they divorced…

(Open him) i was walking around the grounds lost. 'First day sucks' i thought. I wandered a bit more until i saw a guy looking up. "Um...e-excuse me?" I asked him

Listening to the commentary for the last episode of 7 both Sara gamble and another producer spent many hours tossing dick jokes around once his name was finalized