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the bifid priest/soldier but dated 1603, 5 years before the "Pugillus Facetiarum" first appeared. This f145v of the Johannes Gotz album, Stuttgart, WLB, cod. hist 8o 297 via the WLB site REPINNED TO MY NEW "BIFIDITY" BOARD!

page from the album amicorum of J van Amstel van Mijnden -- a bifid figure Man-of-letters/Soldier which doesn't derive from the "Pugillus Facetiarum" type. This is via the Koninklijke bibliotheek, Amsterdam site REPINNED FROM MY "ALBUM AMICORUM" BOARD

another priest/soldier bifid, dated 1622 and certainly derived from the "Pugillus Facetiarum" figure -- includes same captions REPINNED FROM MY "ALBUM AMICORUM" BOARD

from the Sparn album, dated entries 1625-57. WLB cod hist oct 183, f.257r. -- a close copy of the printed emblem PREVIOUS -- image c/o the WLB site

bifid figure painted into the Schroter album in the 1580s -- image via the HAAB, Weimar. The Schroter album bifids are significant because the only album bifids I have noted to date which are pre-Pugillus, i.e. ante 1608

from the album amicorum of Franz Hartmann (entries dated 1597-1617), British Library, Egerton 1222 REPINNED FROM MY "ALBUM AMICORUM" BOARD

the Lord Bishop/servant bifid clearly closely related to the Pugillus Facetoarum (1608) figure. from Fabri's album amicorum (entries dtaed 1595-1608) -- so this painting prersumably to be dated 1608? via the Herzogin Anna Amalia, Weimar, website, REPINNED FROM MY "ALBUM AMICORUM" BOARD

bifid figure drawn in the album of Johann Reichard in the 1640s -- image via the HAAB, Weimar