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Tools is a set of 12 Final Cut Pro X plugins that allow you to quickly accomplish a number of effect and editorial tasks. Create split screens, add multi-point masks, color balance your shots and more.

World’s Largest NES Controller

Hearing impaired people may not necessarily face more severe problems than visually impaired individuals, but their situation is as bad as any. Imagine living in a world where you aren't able to hear your mother's voice waking you up in the morning or the

Popslate launches iPhone 5 case with four-inch E Ink screen (video)

Perfect Techy-gift. iPhone 5 case with fourinch E-Ink screen on back. take and share pics, then "pop" them to the back of your phone. Better yet, the always-on, ultra low-power, black and white display becomes a canvas for notifications, sports scores, maps, lists and notes, all just a glance away.

Vault Dweller's Survival Guide

Great for programs or helpful schedules for the wedding party- Vault Dweller's Survival Guide

Google TV adds LG to the fold, will demo new hardware along with Sony, Vizio (update: video, pics!)

Final Cut Pro: 5 YouTube Channels Full of Tips

Visit .....Learn video editing with these simple Final Cut Pro tutorials.

Editing DSLR Video with Final Cut Pro X: Organizing Your Media | Final Cut Pro X has several tools that let you sort, sift, filter, and find the perfect shot. You can use embedded metadata as well as attach powerful keywords to improve your ability to locate the perfect shot. In this chapter you'll learn the many ways to organize your media.