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Need to learn Apple's Swift development language? Help is at hand with these handy online resources, including free & paid for courses.

Python: Learn Python FAST - The Ultimate Crash Course to Learning the Basics of the Python Programming Language In No Time (Python, Python Programming, Python Course, Python Development Book 1)

Grab 24 Free Ebooks to Learn a New Programming Language

There are so many programming languages to choose from if you want to learn to code or continue your programming journey. This collection of free programming books introduces 24 languages, from C to Scheme.

Introduction to Programming in Python: An Interdisciplinary Approach (Hardcover)

Today, anyone in a scientific or technical discipline needs programming skills. Python is an ideal first programming language, and Introduction to Programming in Python is the best guide to learning i

A Practical Guide to Computer Forensics Investigations (Paperback)

All you need to know to succeed in digital forensics: technical and investigative skills, in one book Complete, practical, and up-to-date Thoroughly covers digital forensics for Windows, Mac, mobile,