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"Horror movie marathon with the Captain America crew" Sam: "Can I look yet?" Nat: "Ah yes, my favorite part!" Bucky: "I don't like this! Steve, turn it off! Your name is Steve, right? OH MY MECHANICAL ARM, WHY ARE WE WATCHING THIS!!!!" Steve: "........" Sam: "Steve?" Nat: "He passed out because of lack of oxygen. Let him go Bucky." Bucky: "Who's Bucky?"

Imagine a lazy Saturday afternoon where there are no explosions or flashbacks or nightmares. Everyone’s in the living room, lazing about and listening to 40s big band music. Steve falls asleep with his head in Bucky’s lap. Natasha reads a book while Clint gives her a foot rub. Tony plays Bejeweled on Zen mode with the sound off, Bruce just closes his eyes and relaxes a bit. Thor sits and enjoys the music. Sam takes a nap. Everything’s quiet and lovely and calm. (Art by littlesmartart)

#SteveRogers #CaptainAmerica

Assuming Bucky and Nat had ever spawned, we all know Bucky would have insisted on at least one captain America outfit for their spawn

Captain America and his crew (Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and Natasha Romanoff) enjoy the 4th of July. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE ROGERS and America I guess."