Explore Chan Denies, Tvb Contract and more!

There's buzz that Ruco Chan is in talks to extend his TVB contract in exchange for the TV King award.

Caught on a late night car date, Ruco Chan said "nothing happened" between him and Nancy Wu.

Although Sisley Choi has been outpacing Grace Chan in leading TVB dramas, Grace does not feel envious.

Grace Chan is accused of prioritizing her love life over her work, often being late to events.

Dating Kevin Cheng for 6 months, Grace Chan has not really thought about marriage yet.

Ruco Chan denies rumors of bringing Sisley Choi to his home without her boyfriend’s knowledge.

Charlene Choi denies that she broke up with William Chan because of his involvement with Mainland actress, Zanilia Zhao.

Ruco Chan denies having a fall out with rumored co-star Linda Chung.

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