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Skytraders flies into Antarctica. Skytraders' A319 aircraft flies from Hobart directly to Wilkins ice runway in a little over four hours. To help protect the unique and fragile Antarctic environment, the aircraft is equipped with specialist remote field functions such as onboard stairs to limit the ground support infrastructure required

Beneath the waves, lost to the desert sands, or simply reclaimed by nature, these are some of the world’s most beautiful locations that civilisation abandoned

Crashed Lockheed Constellation "Pegasus" in Antarctica

After landing on a runway of hard blue ice, a behemoth Ilyushin IL-76 jet unloads scientists, adventurers, and supplies for the Novolazarevskaya research station. From here, the climbing team flew into the mountains on a smaller plane.

PEGASUS FIELD, Antarctica - An LC-130 Skibird from the New York Air National Guard's 109th Airlift Wing is jacked up on the frozen ice shelf here Jan. 16, 2014 after aircrew discovered a landing gear issue. The maintenance crews of the 109th AW do not have hangars to work out of while deployed to Antarctica for Operation Deep Freeze and must work in the elements and handle unique challenges nearly every day. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Master Sgt. Kevin Phillips/Released)

A wheeled Douglas C-124 Globemaster unloading on a snow runway at McMurdo Station, Antarctica, to deliver a smaller ski-equipped plane in 1956. Photo by Jim Waldron.

Distant green | Concordia Station in Antarctica | ESA It is cold, dark, dry and isolated with very little oxygen to breathe in the air, but the unique location makes Concordia station in Antarctica an attractive place for scientists to conduct research. The aurora australis that adds color to this picture is a well-deserved bonus for the crew of 13 who are spending the winter months cut off from friends and family. For nine months, no aircraft or land vehicles can reach the station…