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Chapter Twelve: Pheoby comes to warn Janie about how Tea Cake might be out to steal her money but Janie insists it is real love. Janie reveals her intent to marry Tea Cake and leave Eatonville.

Chapter Fourteen: Janie and Tea Cake move to the Everglades to participate in the bean picking business. Tea Cake teaches Janie to shoot and Janie becomes better than him. Janie joins Tea Cake in working and enjoys the camaraderie shared among the pickers.

Chapter Three: Janie marries Logan but is not happy to discover marriage does not mean love. She decides that her dream of love is dead.

Jealously: The most prominent case of jealously is the Nunkie situation where Janie fears she will lose Tea Cake to a younger woman. Tea Cake engages in domestic violence when his jealously overwhelms him at the arrival of Mrs. Turner's brother. Jody forces Janie to wear her hair up because he is jealous of other men.

Chapter Seven: Jody becomes controlling and abusive, projecting his lowered self esteem at his age onto Janie by insulting her looks. When Janie returns in kind, finally, he slaps her and the warmth in their marriage is gone.

Chapter Fifteen: Janie worries that Tea Cake is having an affair with Nunkie and they fight, but make up and Tea Cake reassures her of his love.

Imperfection: The novel focuses on the realities of marriage rather than giving the reader a happy romance with easily overcome obstacles. Janie. Tea Cake, Jody, Logan, Janie's grandmother all have their major faults and that makes them more human and more realistic.

Chapter Nineteen: Tea Cake becomes more and more ill and Janie finds a doctor that diagnoses him with incurable rabies. Tea Cake decides that Janie is trying to cheat on him and pulls a gun, she pulls one in return and shoots him as he bites her. She is tried in court with a not guilty verdict and buries him expensively.