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Happy Friday! DAY 4-(1/4/13). Today's Spondylitis apple of the day is called Mosaic love :))))) #Enjoy! #Repin.....Check out the artist's blog

DAY 6-(1/6/13) "Lines and Checks" Apple. If you're into the 70's kind of groovy feel, this apple might be perfect to add to your Pinterest Art Board. #Spondylitis #ApplesForACure #SpreadtheWord #Repin

Day 5-(1/5/13)Today's Spondylitis Apple for a Cure is called "Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Apple." Check out the artist's blog and find out her reasoning behind this interesting creation. As always repin!

DAY 100-(4/10/13) "Window 2 My Apple" Change begins today! Everyday bears the gift of a new beginning. So take chances, step out the box, shake things up and most importantly, don't miss out on your WINDOW of OPPORTUNITY.....You never know what lies behind it. #REPIN #CarpeDiem!

DAY 132(5/12/13) "The New Blue" Another Spondy Apple! REPIN and spread awareness of ankylosing spondylitis.

DAY 304-12/1/13) "Pretty Pink N Purple Apple" Repin and help us spread awareness about Spondylitis

DAY 25-(1/25/13) "Candy Corn Apple" Happy Friday! On this gloomy rainy day if you decide to stay in, curl on the couch under a warm cover watch a good movie and don't forget to purchase a great big box of your favorite CANDY. :) #SpondyApple #Repin #CandyCorn

DAY 204-(7/23/13) "Easter Bunny Apple" Awww what a cute little bunny apple! REPIN if you love bunny rabbits. #SpondyApple

DAY 10-1/10/13) Maine Macintosh Apple.... "We cut one in half in a way to make sure it was as “lopsided” as possible and then I coated the cut side with paint. It took a few prints to find out the right amount of paint to use but I got a good one! Then I took some beautiful copper, red, and bronze metallic paints and embellished." ~Jenna #SpondyApple #Repin