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Urban Decay Cool Passive Complimentary Rich, royal, dramatic, creative, thrilling, ..(evil?!), Mystical

Enya Hair Products Cool, Passive Monochromatic Relaxation, "relax and wash your hair in this uber goodness"

Graphics 2 / Colour Rule: Complementary / Blue (cool): serene, cool, classic, positive / Fawn yellow/gold (active): outdoor, woodsy, neutral, glowing, radiant / Ginger orange (warm): exotic, energizing, hot, optimistic

Mozi Signage / Colour Rule: Analogous / Fire Red (warm): spontaneous, dynamic, energizing, exciting / Sugar cookie Yellow (warm): happy, soft, warming

Pottery & Barn (Boys baby cot) Warm Active Analogous? Warm, happiness, joy

The Sims 4 Warm Passive Complimentary Health, Happiness, Healing

The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name Cool passive Monochromatic Relaxing, peace "I will soothe your kid during story time"

Coles Central Warm Active ? "Yay, sale, buy me", intense, attention getter, joy, cheerfulness

Boost juice Warm Active Analogous Health, Happiness, Joy, Freshness, "oooh i'm super healthy"