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Julie Nutting in Hawaii. I made this for my sister and one for my mom for Mothers day. 2015

Quilt at the beach

A few weeks ago, we went on a crazy, almost spur-of-the-moment road trip to the beach. My sister-in-law invited us to come stay with them at a beach house in southern California during part of their spring break. At first I wasn’t sure it was a good idea. We had a lot going on and our kids would miss a couple days of school since it wasn’t our spring break yet. Fortunately we threw caution to the wind and did it anyway. And it turned out to be the very best kind of idea. We went from this…

I just saw doctor strange in the cinema,it's a really good movie with a lot of mind blowing special effects. My sister can't stop saying that he should definitely meet tony stark in the next avengers movies.I think it would be more fun to watch him meet Bruce banner transformed into his hulk form.

I didn't kidnap him, I invited him into my house to stay there forever and he didn't have a choice to refuse. there's a huge difference U_U

It's sad when life gradually makes you lose touch with people who you were once so close to. But it's a part of life.

Most people keep their ducks in the bath... but this lot aren't made of rubber

This is how I can have ducks in my apartment. They say you need water - Perfect!