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Faceted Marble + Rosewood Serving Pieces

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STERLING SILVER FLATWARE SERVING PIECES c.1880-1910. TOP ROW: Cream ladles, lettuce forks, pastry server and olive spoons. BOTTOM ROW: Berry spoon, lemon forks, horseradish spoon, nut scoop, sardine forks, bonbon server, cheese scoops and mustard spoons.

Mud Pie's vintage-style serving accessories will turn any gathering into a giggle-fest! Easily giftable, each item in their classic Circa collection features a clever foodie sentiment appropriate for each specific serving accessory. Why choose ordinary kitchen serving accessories when you can choose whimsical, yet beautiful, Mud Pie accessories from The Village Shoppes?!

Add a feminine twist to your kitchen with this lovely 16 piece cutlery set. Mix and match with our vintage-inspired china ranges.

serving piece: round server – nora fleming

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