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50 Date Night Questions for Your Spouse

Dating your spouse is the best thing that you can do for your marriage! Here are my favorite date nigth questions for your spouse when you think that you know everything about them. Some of their answers might surprise you!

Fun ideas for home date nights. I L-O-V-E that this list goes beyond "Just watch a movie together" (though I love a good movie) and suggests things that spark conversation and bonding with your spouse! Hard to find a good list like that!

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How to Make Date Night Happen (In Real Life)

20 Date Night Conversation Starters

Do you ever get stuck trying to learn new things about your spouse? What kinds of questions spark connection? We have 20 right here, perfect for anytime at all. Go on... Ask away!

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Must Try: 30-Day Relationship Challenge Backed By Science

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Here are 10 great questions to ask on your first or second date. Actually, these could be good questions for any couple to ask each other – at any time in their relationship.